Reasons to Visit Orlando

Few people need specific reasons to visit Orlando (usually they already want to go). Even so, I decided to list some of the most important reasons to justify that getaway to the land of Mickey, shopping, shows, rich and varied cuisine, sporting events, and entertainment.
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Amazing Ahmedabad: What to See in the Grandest City of Gujarat

Talk to anyone about Gujarat, and chances are that you would hear more about Ahmedabad than about any other city. Though Gandhinagar is crowned as the capital of Gujarat, it is Ahmedabad (called Amdavad too) that hogs the limelight for its size and grandeur, the culture, commercial success, the sight-seeing options and the lip-smacking delicacies that one can enjoy. Continue reading Amazing Ahmedabad: What to See in the Grandest City of Gujarat

Odisha – An Untouched beauty

Hello All,

It has been quite a time I got to jot down my travel experience and today while I am writing I would like to bring forth the story of my travel to Odisha one of an amazing states in India. Although not considered among one of a very famous tourist place, Odisha definitely is a gem which is underrated and has extremely amazing places to visit and enjoy. Every corner of the state is full of greenery, coconut and palm trees cover almost any and every road you cover, its is just beautiful.

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Adventure Travel Activities

You are able to enjoy some of the extreme activities in your adventure travel activity excursions. Often-times these kinds of activities limit this range as a result of risk factor linked to it. However, you are unable to deny this supplementary entertaining factor of this type of travel. General searching or paragliding are generally adequate with the kids, but you will find other outside sports that may seem a tad perilous on their behalf. For the adults, this kind of extreme outside activities is generally most fulfilling. Continue reading Adventure Travel Activities

By Bhawana Rajput