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Adventure Travel Activities

You are able to enjoy some of the extreme activities in your adventure travel activity excursions. Often-times these kinds of activities limit this range as a result of risk factor linked to it. However, you are unable to deny this supplementary entertaining factor of this type of travel. General searching or paragliding are generally adequate with the kids, but you will find other outside sports that may seem a tad perilous on their behalf. For the adults, this kind of extreme outside activities is generally most fulfilling. Continue reading Adventure Travel Activities


Souvenirs Ravivé ( Memories Brought Back to Life )


This post is dedicated to all my college friends and all the beautiful memories I have collected from there and stored in a beautiful corner of my heard. And yes the trips and tours there is one of the most amazing part of this diary. So here are some of the best pictures collected from our amazing trekking trip to the Triund ( Among Himalayan rages). Continue reading Souvenirs Ravivé ( Memories Brought Back to Life )

Perks of being with a Traveler!!

Take me with you Yesterday while me and my all way travel partner were sitting together going through the web, we came across an article which listed how life gets exciting if your partner is a travel freak and I really wanted to share this with all you lovely readers, Do Let me Know your Views! So here is the list of few things I really found out to be very true! Continue reading Perks of being with a Traveler!!